Enterprises have found a use for digital signage that doesn’t involve kiosks and billboard displays. It’s growing more prominent but is not being highlighted, so I’ll aim to do that here. When it comes to keeping the workforce informed and excited, many companies are turning to the same systems that keep their customers informed and excited. There are several reasons why deploying an internal DS system makes sense. Here are three:

Constant Education

It doesn’t make sense to build a deck or training program to let the staff know of a few new promotions coming down the pipe, or a change in procedure. For these day-to-day pieces of information, managers have usually turned to email or even paper flyers around the office(s). So what happens if you have employees that aren’t often in front of a computer (think retail, janitorial, on-floor service) — how do they get the memo?

The Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort in Suquamish, Wash., faced this very issue with their 700-person workforce that spanned multiple locations. They found that by installing a signage system similar to the one they had customer-facing in their facilities, they were able to improve the flow of information to the entire workforce. This, in turn, meant improved communication with guests, who found knowledgeable personnel no matter where they turned.

A solid signage system will also allow the administrator to deliver customized messages to different departments. For instance, a change in sign-in procedure might be different for the customer service reps than it is for the sales department. Instead of sending a long email with various instructions to an entire organization — and expecting them all to read it — use a signage system to send concise, customized messages to each department that stays on a loop for several days. This will better the chances that the information is retained because it’s highly visible, relevant and repetitive.

Improve culture

Any organization that’s trying to reduce turnover, or keep it low, is focusing on culture and ways to keep the employees happy. Digital signage systems are great for calling out the achievements of employees, announcing promotions and celebrating milestones. They’re also great for trivia (prizes, anyone?) sharing pictures and videos, and games. Get a big customer win? Share the news instantly and get everyone excited. Create announcements whenever the company donates time or money in the community, letting employees feel good that they’re with a company that gives back. There are so many ways to improve upon a company’s culture through the use of a simple DS system.

Better communication

One of the number one complaints from employees is that they don’t feel they’re in the loop. Anyone who has worked for an organization larger than 10 people is familiar with this pain. For HR, this can be a nightmare of rumors, and it can turn into the cancer of an organization. There are certainly things that should be kept on a “need-to-know” basis. But for everything else, keeping internal information transparent tells your employees that they are all equally valuable and all have the right to know how things are moving along. Imagine being able to stop rumors before they start.

Now that even small companies are adopting screens for internal use, considering a signage system for employee communication can be a nice way to get their money’s worth, and improve the company.



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